Serra Dry

Cultivation: pergola.
Harvest: september.
Wine-making: rapid pressing of the grape and alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperatures. Early closure fermentation and immediate reinoculation for fermentation.
Refinement: at least 2 months in stainless steel vats ponds. After the isobaric bottling the wine is almost immediately on sale with a minimum dose of sugar (DRY).
Bottling: with isobaric and capping machine with stopper technical micro-granule cork 100%. ICAS cages.
Alcohol: 12% Vol
Total Acidity: 6/6,5g/L
pH: 3.2/3.3
Tenuta bottle of years: 1 year.

Features in tasting
Color: very pale with greenish hues.
Nose: citrus, pear, passion fruit. Light balsamic.
Taste: soft, round. Not sweet. Mineral, very fresh. Intense froth, creamy.
Serving suggestions: ideal for cocktails and appetizers. Valuable with sweets.