Canavese Rosato DOC

Grapes: Barbera  50%, Nebbiolo 50%
Pruning type: bower.
T/ha: 9
Bottles production/ha: 6000
Harvest: end of September early october.
Vinification: Rapid pressur of the grapes with light maceration and  immediate start of alcolic fermentation with temperature control (14-16° C).  No malolactic fermentation.
Aging: minimum 4 month in steel, with weekly batonnage.
Bottling: minimal filtration  and after bottling with technical cork.
Alcol: 12-12.5% Vol
Total acidity: 6/7 g/L
pH: 3.2/3.35
Totale sulfur dioxid: 90mg/L
Shelf life: 1-2 years.

Organoleptics characteristic
Color: rosé, high tonality and very low intensity.
Flavours: tipic al flavours, fruity. Tropical sensation, often grapefruit.
Taste: acid in correctness, crispy.